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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Causes of biodiversity degeneration:

There are various factors responsible for the degradation of biodiversity, the primary among them being destruction of habitat and habitat fragmentation leading to species movement to other habitat where they find it difficult to adapt. But it is also being affected by rapid population growth, animal hunting, urbanization, deforestation, industrialization and climatic change. Major reasons of degradation of biodiversity are:
Environmental degradation.
Excessive use of biodiversity.
Attempts to develop new species of plants and animals.
Different types of pollution.
Change in functions of environment like climate.
Population growth.
Urbanization and industrialization.
According to the Global Biodiversity Strategy (WRI/IUCN/UNEP 1992) there are six fundamental causes of biodiversity degradation:
1. Unsustainable high rates of human population growth and natural resource consumption.
2. Steadily narrowing spectrum of traded products from agriculture and forestry and introduction of exotic species associated with agriculture, forestry and fisheries.
3. Economic systems and policies that fail to value the environment and its resources.
4. Inequity in ownership and access to natural resources, including the benefits from use and conservation of biodiversity.
5. Inadequate knowledge and inefficient use of information.
6. Legal and institutional systems that promote unsustainable exploitation.

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